Let Granite Transformations inspire a home revival

Breathe new life into your existing kitchen or bathroom setup with the implementation of one of Granite Transformations many elegant work surfaces, replacement cabinet doors or tile solutions. Why go to the trouble or expense of undertaking a complete refit when you can just as easily enhance what you already have by utilising the services of Granite Transformations with a fraction of the hassle at a far more affordable price. You’ll be left spoilt for choice when looking for a suitable new covering for all your cabinets, counters and tiles such is the wide selection of colourful finishes available within our outstandingly diverse product range. Fast and efficient installation is a certainty as is the promise of a home totally transformed. Making dreams come true is our forte.

The top that fits on top

What distinguishes a Granite Transformations makeover from all others is our remarkable ‘top that fits on top’. Unlike regular work surfaces, our material is made only a quarter of an inch (6.7mm) thick and is especially lightweight, so that it can be installed over existing worktops, without removing the original or needing extra underpinnings. That means it can also be laid over bathroom tiles or fitted onto walls as a shower liner or decorative finish.

The diamond-polished surface needs no special cleaning or routine maintenance and can be kept sparkling clean, by wiping over with a damp cloth. Everyday spills and stains can be removed easily and there’s little risk of damage from knocks, cuts, abrasion and burns. All of our products undergo extensive performance testing and are produced to strict quality standards, using a high proportion of recycled raw materials.

We offer practical and affordable, luxury surfaces that look stunning and add style and value to your home. Around a million customers worldwide have put their faith in our products and taken advantage of our outstanding lifetime warranty on worktop materials. That is why ‘the top that fits on top’ continues to stay on top.