Kitchen solutions that leave you spoilt for choice

Exploit any of our kitchen-based solutions and prepare to watch it transform right before your very eyes. A major upheaval simply isn’t required. Minimal disruption to your existing kitchen design will have an effect you thought wasn’t possible particularly when you reface worktops and brighten them with a splashback or substitute old cabinet doors.

Replacing the old with the new will give your kitchen and your home as a whole the all-important contemporary look it needs to remain in fashion.

For that added elegance and extra sophistication, allow us to finish your cabinets with waterfall ends or how about investing in a central island. Splashbacks are also a tasteful way of giving your kitchen further curb appeal.

  • We can give your kitchen the extra edge

    One of the most notable features of our work surface materials is how slender they are but if you’re after an edgier look then don’t be shy to ask. We can craft ‘beefier’ edges to whatever size you wish and lengthen them when necessary such as when used in conjunction with other units.

    We’re flexible when it comes to producing worktops. If you have an urge to own a rounded shaped worktop then leave it to our fabricators to create it.

  • Enjoys a fraction of the weight of natural or engineered stone

    Our worktops may be distinctly lighter than most but their performance matches that of most natural or engineered stone surfaces. Their in-built strength and durability can be put down to the production values employed in their creation. Because of this, making the transition from workshop to an existing work surface is a simple one.

    The lightness of our work surfaces make the fitting process a far easier task than it would be with a heavier equivalent. 

  • Applying outstanding technical performance

    There’s one vital and key ingredient in all our granite, quartz and recycled glass work surfaces and that’s the presence of high grade polyester. It helps take their performance to another level and ensures they can stand up to the pressure of extreme weight as well as imperfections such as scratching, stains and spills.

    ‘If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen’ is the famous saying. Our work surfaces are equipped to deal with warm temperatures up to a very high level. For further peace of mind we also provide a lifetime warranty.