Green issues

We are firmly committed towards being a completely ‘green’ company. We are strong believers in refacing kitchen and bathroom fittings as opposed to total replacement which demonstrates our ‘green’ credentials. Sustainable raw materials and energy efficient production methods, combined with our intuitive installation methods, enable us to restrict reliance on valuable resources at all times. When you choose Granite Transformations, you’re not only saving money, but you’re also helping to do your bit for the environment.

Less Landfill

We hate waste. Refacing is a far more environmentally-friendly way of making over kitchen and bathrooms than fully replacing fittings and the statistics back up our way of thinking as landfill can be reduced by as much as 75% by doing so. Demolition and debris can be completely eliminated when you use what you already have and apply our slimline materials on top.

Environmental Management

Each of the manufacturing plants we use are fully resource-efficient and ISO accredited for outstanding environmental management standards. Added structural adjustment of our slimline granite, quartz and recycled glass materials is not necessary due to their lightness and easy shipment. Renewable energy sources, highly efficient computerised methods and raw materials are also used in the production of our entire range of replacement doors.

Recycled Materials

As much as 78% of work surfaces and mosaic tiles is composed of post-consumer recycled raw materials. Granite Transformations has always been ahead of the game and nowhere is this better exemplified than in our recycled glass surfaces which have been produced using kerbside material; usually used wine, beer and mineral water bottles. Literally nothing goes to waste in our sourcing process.

Greenguard Certification

Zero harmful emissions will be released by our work surfaces and mosaic tiles as they are both Greenguard and Greenguard Children & Schools certificated. Dangerous VOCs (volatile organic compounds) will have no existence so that the quality of your indoor air is assured throughout their lifespan.